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The origins of the name

Orphée (Orpheus), son of king Œagre and the muse Calliope, was a being of great refinement. Gifted with many virtues by Apollo, he was offered a lyre. He drew out of this legendary instrument, melodies so moving that even rivers stopped, the rocks followed him, and trees rustling stopped. With all these atributes the great Orphée married the most beautiful and desirable Eurydice. At the loss of his wife, he managed to charm the «Master of the Underworld», Hadès, to bring his wife back to life. Made fragile by his only weakness, love, he could not resist to look at her and lost his wife forever.

Background painting : Orpheus and Eurydice by Edward Poynter
Designing the Logo
“I need a logo that is reminiscent of ancient greek statues, classy but at the same time resembling a human skull”
François - Xavier Delahaut
Former Creative Director at Aurum Drinks

Those were the words uttered to me by  F.X . I had a short time window to deliver it but knowing him for a long time and having studied art I immediately knew the look and feel i was going to go for.
After some research on famous greek and Italian sculptures, i came up with the final logo, emphasising the cheek bones and eye sockets part of the face to let the suggested shadow reveal the forms associated with the human skull.

Designing the Packaging
The Identity

It always been paramount during early discussion with François-Xavier that Orphée was to embody classiness and elegance, while at the same time inspiring strength. Knowing that gold is the ultimate embodiment of wealth and prestige, he came up with the choice of black and gold for the bottle as primary colours. This palette is simple, fitting, eye-catching and would definitely stand out on a shelf.


18 K Gold & Lacquer

The final bottle is a 700 ml lacquered black bottle with everything in the front and back printed in 18 k gold ink. The logo is finally applied separately in the front as the final touch, like a seal on a mysterious magical beverage of old.