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My Fav Place – App concept
My favorite App is a concept for a very simple app that allows users to present their favorite place. 
My guide lines for this design was being able to achieve a minimalistic yet beautiful UI without the use of photoshop, icons nor third party design tools. The Interface as you see it is entirely made in Xcode 7.3. It was quite challenging as i am a newbie in swift development (2 weeks in), but overall Im impressed with how much you can achieve as a designer just using built in tools.
Although it started as a simple project while learning Swift 2.0 for iOS, a few new ideas came to my mind. I will most likely reuse this design to make a more useful and feature rich app. If you want to test out the app using Tesflight on iOS feel free to send me a message. The app currently support both iPhone & iPad. Hope you enjoy.*Quick disclaimer: I DO NOT own the rights to those pictures. Although i did process them, they were all found on google.