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The Brand

A shoe with personality. Remarkable, unprecedented and classy. A shoe that can give one’s outward appearance an unmistakable expression. Driven by this idea 2014 a handful of individuals got together and summarily founded the fashion label Avyno.



Designing the Logo
“The logo should have something of Nefertiti, and impact like The Brooklyn Nets”
Brandley C. Bella
Owner, Founder of Avyno

For this design I created a custom portrait of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti (ca. 1370 – ca. 1330 BC), the wife of the great Pharaoh Akenathen, based off of her famous bust, residing in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin. I then added two circles reminiscent of aureoles found in most depictions of Christian Saints, and subtle but needed contrast that added a stamp like feel to the final logo. And oh yeah This could indeed be printed on a Basketball Jersey.

Designing the Shoe

The Mosi

Mosi (meaning “the first born” in swahili) is the first shoe by Avyno. For this design i was shot with many early ideas and references by Brandley, most of which were about simplicity, classiness and maximum wearability. A design so fashionable it would crossover between urban and chic. Something light, yet robust from the look of it. While a white sole was an undeniable choice in early sketches, it was obvious we would go for Monochrome color-ways to best serve the needs of the wearer. After many iterations, the result came from Silvio, one of the designers o the team. A shoe that is wearable with any form of clothes , albeit Jeans, tux pants, shorts, from cropped pants to skinny & slim jeans.